SeaPort-e Quality Assurance

At Engility, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ success. Our proven quality assurance program extends throughout a project’s lifecycle, from initial planning through deployment and operation.

We act as an honest broker and candidly communicate the project’s status to the customer. As part of this process, we provide:

  • Reporting that provides clear understanding of program status
  • Information management to get resources into the programs
  • Knowledge transfer to train and share information across programs
  • Targeted improvements to identify better practices and resolve issues

Quality Management System

Our quality management system helps ensure customer satisfaction. We adapt and tailor a set of established, mature processes and procedures to meet individual task order needs. These encompass all aspects of support, and we use these processes to provide consistency and repeatability throughout the project.

In addition, we tailor our processes as required to provide an agile and scalable portfolio of processes that ensures the success of our deployment response capabilities. Our tailored processes allow the team to be more responsive and flexible to changing requirements while maintaining the ability to monitor and control task-order execution. Feedback and lessons learned are a critical component, further driving process tailoring.

Corporate Reachback

Mission Assurance engineers provide corporate reach-back in the following areas:

  • Program management
  • Systems and software engineering
  • Metrics definition and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Process improvement
  • Training/mentoring
  • Customer/employee survey
  • Proposal support