Deployable Communications Capability System

Anywhere, Anytime Deployment

Engility supports the Deployable Communications Capabilities System (DCCS) for the U.S. Northern Command. An advanced communications system, DCCS serves the Department of Defense, civil first responders, homeland defense operations and disaster relief activities.

DCCS enables secure and non-secure data, voice, and video services that scale from a single operator to joint task forces with hundreds of supported users. The solutions are based on soldier-carried, vehicular and transit-case platforms. Engility provides full system lifecycle support for DCCS, including capability design, procurement services, solutions development, engineering, configuration and fielding, systems modifications, technical refresh, training, and repair.


  • Interoperable: Common architecture means all units, services and agencies can seamlessly communicate
  • Adaptable: Mission-specific capabilities integrated easily using COTS components
  • Rapid: DCCS can cut the time to stand up field communications from three days to one-to-two hours
  • Scalable: Capabilities are easily expanded as more units arrive
  • Reliable: Gear sets are tested and field proven
  • Simple: Easy to procure, use and maintain
  • Cost effective: Delivers cost efficiencies needed in today’s budget-constrained environments

Since Engility is not tied to any specific solution or product, we are able to select the best communications technologies without bias.