Joint Range Extension

A Solution for the Long Haul

Exchanging real-time tactical information provides joint and coalition forces with a clear view of the battlespace and the situational awareness needed for mission success. The Joint Range Extension (JRE) is a combat-proven data link gateway that provides multipoint, interoperable, long-haul communications data exchange.

With its unmatched record of performance, reliability, economy and agility, JRE provides the connectivity needed to integrate operations at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Currently deployed on more airborne platforms than any other gateway in the world, JRE delivers the common operational picture needed to understand the situation and execute the mission.

Why JRE?

  • Cost effective: Offers the lowest cost of ownership of any data link gateway
  • Agile: Highly configurable, it can rapidly be implemented on current equipment and processors.
  • Compliant: It meets all MIL STD interoperability standards and can be implemented immediately
  • Easy: JRE is easy to procure, integrate, train, use and maintain
  • Joint: Successfully bridges disparate networks and provides a common operational picture

JRE has been deployed on nearly 1,600 air, land and sea platforms across military services and internationally.