Employee Profiles

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell is a program manager in our Engineering Services division. She was a part of our first Leading Performance Class. Her thoughts on the program:

“I came away from the course with several new skills and clearly defined ways to do my job better. One topic area covered included how to effectively hold those valuable one-on-one conversations with employees. We also discussed ways that I can distinguish myself as a thought leader. I immediately applied what I learned, including the interview techniques and outline of questions we developed together in the course, which I’ll be using for an upcoming interview.” “In addition, the course includes access to Harvard ManageMentor®, an online portal of valuable information and tools for managers and thought leaders.”

Campbell encourages any manager interested in taking the course to apply. “No matter where you are in your career, there are always new ways to do things. Leading Performance is a great course for any stage of a manager’s career. The course brought me fresh perspectives and introduced me alternative ways to approaching problems.” One of the things she most enjoyed was that, “the course also exposes managers to Engility senior leadership, who take the time to meet with the students. Those discussions and exposure were invigorating for someone in ‘middle management’ like myself!”

“I enjoyed meeting other program managers across the company, and I liked that the course included a wide range of employees - from senior managers with more than 20 years of experience, to more mid-level managers like myself. The instructors were very interactive and engaging with the class. The course was also very new and featured the latest perspectives on a wide range of topic areas.”