Employee Profiles

Scott Brown

Engility Program Manager Scott Brown shares his experience as a student of our first Leading Performance class. This program was developed as the direct result of employee feedback, and helps managers develop critical skills and learn new management techniques.

“As a retired military officer, I've received a lot of leadership training over the years. I expected Leading Performance would overlap much of that training as well as introduce or refresh key concepts,” he said. However, even though he is an experienced leader, he came away from the course with new skills. “The most useful technique I learned was the ‘Stay Interview.’ We have had some turn over on our team and I was keenly interested in how to influence employee attrition. Stay interviews allow employees to discuss what they like and don't like about their current position, and give me feedback about what I as a manager can do to shape that position as needed. We practiced the techniques introduced in the prep material and discussed in small groups.”

“The prep material, the class itself, and the interaction with peer managers reinvigorated my desire to engage with my team in new ways. The prep material is valuable and provides some excellent templates and vignettes for interacting with employees, and the instructors did an excellent job of emphasizing key aspects of what we had read before the class without duplicating it.” Brown highly recommends that any employee who meets the prerequisites signs up for the course. “A common theme I heard from participants was how the class reminded them how multi-faceted our jobs are and how we can all do better. The instructors listened to our feedback and have made the class even better. I also really enjoyed having an opportunity to interact with Engility’s leadership, including our CEO, Lynn Dugle.”

Employees, are you interested in participating in our next course? Go to INSIGHT and search “Leading Performance” to see the prerequisites, course dates, and find out how to apply.