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Through the innovative use of systems engineering, consolidation and visualization, cloud transition strategies and cybersecurity, Engility’s mission-synchronized solutions improve the way government performs.

Engility’s IT services and systems optimize operations, increase cost efficiencies and improve mission effectiveness. Our IT professionals align IT services with business needs, equipping customers with the methodology and tools needed to gain mission insights through data visualization. From IT infrastructure support and cloud computing to software engineering, mobility services and cybersolutions, our customers count on us to make the most of their technology resources. No operating environment is too secure or complex.

Many of our customers are told to migrate, but how to do that?

You can use Engility’s mission-driven solution for enterprise cloud architecture, migration and optimization for the national security community called Cloud ASCEND™.
  • Cloud is not just migration, it’s engineered digital transformation and governance
  • Make sure your enterprise solution is scalable, secure and resilient
  • Automated optimization can ensure mission performance and maximum return on investment
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Good oral hygiene means no cavities; good cyber hygiene means no breaches.

What are you doing to secure your enterprise?
  • Ensure your enterprise can anticipate, deter and respond to cyber threats
  • Systems need cyber assessment and information assurance…vulnerability assessments
  • Solutions should enable protection, response, mitigation and recovery for critical enterprise components
Our Cyber Capabilities

Mission costs got you down?

Explore how we can help to better leverage IT solutions to address your challenges.
  • You need responsive, reliable and secure access to your networks, infrastructure and applications
  • Modernizing IT infrastructure improves performance and lowers total cost of ownership
  • Implementing the latest technologies, such as cloud and mobility solutions, delivers information anytime, anywhere
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Sometimes the code to mission success is in the software solution.

See ways that Engility is designing and optimizing software to enhance mission effectiveness.
  • Agile software solutions meet mission and business needs while reducing time, cost and risk
  • Collaboration with developers, managers and end users produces deliverables in short increments within tight deadlines
  • An agile approach reduces risk by identifying and cost-effectively correcting problems in the early stages of development
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