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Engility’s SE&I capabilities empower government decision makers to optimize resources and minimize risk to achieve mission readiness, mission resilience and mission sustainability – and ultimately, mission success.

We deliver systems engineering and integration (SE&I) solutions that span from enterprise governance to financial analytics to engineering design and delivery. By combining a strategic vision with engineering discipline, we help our defense, intelligence and civilian agency customers balance affordability and mission needs.

Our SE&I services encompass a system’s life cycle from concept development through deployment, operations and system retirement. We support major acquisitions by designing, developing and improving foundational architectures and delivering disciplined systems engineering throughout the life of the project. Our fact-based analytics help our customers build more agile, efficient, cost-effective, and capable systems and optimize mission capabilities through enterprise-level integration.

Managing Engineering Mission Solution

Comprehensive Solutions

Our SE&I approach blends creative, critical and systems thinking along with technical and engineering expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions for the multifaceted challenges our customers face.

Did you know? We support every ship class in the US Navy with engineering and technology lifecycle support.

Mission Resilience

Engility’s comprehensive, proven SE&I capabilities and approach anticipate real-world challenges, providing robust solutions that enable systems to adapt to the unexpected and continue to deliver mission success.

Did you know? Engility has in its workforce: 67 PhDs in Engineering, 173 Scrum Masters (agile), and 1,130 engineering degrees held by employees.


Managing Complexity

Our systems engineering approach transforms complexity into capability

Did you know? Engility was a key participant in historic first carrier launch, carrier landing and aerial refueling for the X-47B Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Engineering and Technology Life Cycle Support

We provide engineering and technology support across the life cycle of a program. Whether it’s sustainment of fielded systems, acquisition support, test and evaluation, operations support, specialized technical consulting, or research and development, our world-class engineers deliver solutions that offer lasting results to our clients.

Did you know? Engility has a partnership with George Washington University that offers our employees a tailored Master’s-level certificate program in model based systems engineering.


System Engineering and Integration Features