Machine Learning Meets Hands-On Internship

Machine Learning Meets Hands-On Internship

The amount of information that can be assembled from satellite imagery is extensive. If a computer can be trained to pick out the desired nuances from any general satellite image, the information can then be applied to a wide array of geospatial areas of interest such as building proximity, population, size, and purpose.

As a college student, opportunities to work with and train on artificial intelligence are limited. When I learned about Engility and saw their real-world applications of AI, I jumped at the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how AI works and its capabilities. Applying machine learning to satellite imagery is great because it can be used anywhere around the world.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn from the input data as opposed to explicitly giving it a certain set of steps to make the calculation. This allows it to be generalized enough so it can be applicable to any input given. The goal with using sample satellite imagery from around the world is to have the computer detect buildings in any satellite image it is given.

Machine Learning Internship

Applying Classroom Theory to Internship and Career Practice

The classroom training I have had so far has given me exposure and a basic understanding of what is comprised in programming. Beginning this work at Engility this summer has really shown me how what I learn in the classroom can be applied to the workplace. While in the classroom, it is difficult to fully understand the scope of the material and its variability.

My experience this summer has definitely influenced the areas of work that I have an interest in. Being able to personally see the computer learning and adapt to the training data has made my work and the abstract concept of artificial intelligence much more tangible. I am still exploring to see exactly what I would like to do after graduation but I have really enjoyed the work that I have done here so far.

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Posted by Shivani Garg

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