METASIFT: Finding Data Analysis Gold in the Digital Age

METASIFT: Finding Data Analysis Gold in the Digital Age

"Unleash the power of your data"

We all remember our elementary school field trips. Variations include a trip to a working farm, a Civil War battlefield, or, in my case, a hands-on lesson in gold mining. I still recall how much work went into finding one, single nugget. We learned that gold miners would spend hours, days, weeks, and months in the riverbeds with cold water melting off the mountains, and for what? A glimmer of hope that eventually something shiny would appear in their pan? That after sifting through countless rocks and gravel, they would find the one thing that could make their effort worthwhile?

The irony is that I think about those 19th century prospectors almost daily in my job as an analyst. I sift through rivers of data looking for useful information, spending countless hours at my desk, hoping to get the one nugget of information that could provide significant impact to my analysis.

But there is hope!

METASIFT: Finding Data Analysis Gold in the Digital Age Here at Engility, we set out to develop a digital sift for analysts. Just like searching for real gold nuggets, we needed to deal with a high volume of material and unwanted clutter. We leveraged an open architecture to create a platform for mission data and integration.

To deal with the volume of information, we needed rapid analysis, storage, organization, and dissemination of large amounts of structured and unstructured data – to include high-resolution videos, audio files, text-based documents, and imagery. Like any miner, an analyst might be worried about missing nuggets, so we needed a tool that could tap into a wide suite of AI tools such as facial recognition and voice analytics, but could also easily integrate customer specific capabilities.

In the end, we developed MetaSift™. The tool helps overcome mission obstacles and make informed decisions, delivering highly valuable intelligence and dramatically improving efficiencies. If the Internet is a river, with a vast amount of available data flowing through it on a daily basis, MetaSift is the sluice that can pull out the most valuable pieces of information to support customer missions.

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Posted by Shane Garringer

I am the Director of Technology for the Intelligence Solutions Group (ISG) within Engility. I graduated from George Mason University, where I studied Information Assurance with a focus on applied Cyber. I have more than 18 years of experience within the intelligence community, spanning multiple organizations and customers. I lead an expert team of developers and data scientists within the Nascent Technology Center (NTC) that is chartered with taking our combined experience in the IC and developing innovative capabilities for some of our customer’s most difficult problems.