Secure the Vote

Secure the Vote

In this installment of Get S.E.T., we delve into election security.

When election systems were attacked in 2016, Colorado had the security in place to remain unscathed. Engility partners with Colorado on maintaining that security, and Get S.E.T. hosts John Amazigo and Dr. Erin speak with Trevor Timmons, CIO, Secretary of the State of Colorado, on how he is ensuring this year’s mid-term elections go as planned. He talks in depth about the need for a “culture of security,” and how he and his state are partnering with federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security to conduct vulnerability assessments to protect themselves from hackers. He also shares how policy and practice can shape human behaviors that better protect the vote. For instance, mailed ballots spread out the timeline for citizens to vote, which decreases the threats of a Denial of Service attack. “You can never rest on your laurels,” said Timmons. “Especially when it comes to cybersecurity and cybersecurity threats; they are constantly evolving.”

Secure the Vote Get S.E.T. Podcast We then talk to Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO, Thycotic in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2007 Estonia was the target of the first nation-state sponsored cyber war. Since then, the nation has constructed a resilient system that enables its citizens to safely vote online and even file taxes. In fact, they can operate as a digital society, even if their physical borders were compromised.

With March elections looming, the concern now turns to how people are influenced by compromised news sources like social media. “People are the frontline, and that’s where we need to make the difference,” said Carson.

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