Taming the Cybersecurity Wild West with AssureNet™

Taming the Cybersecurity Wild West with AssureNet™

Information Is Our New Center of Gravity

I live and work in San Antonio, Texas, which contractually obligates me to watch the occasional western. Most of those plots hinge on a train, stagecoach or Pony Express rider making it through dangerous terrain and bandits to deliver something of value (gold, information, etc.). In often uncomfortable ways, recent cyber-attacks illustrate how closely our cyber landscape resembles the lawless dangers of the Wild West.

In 2017, WannaCry crippled computers worldwide, put at risk many important services and compromised the personal information of thousands of users. Cyber-attacks also targeted Ukrainian organizations like banks, ministries, newspapers and electricity firms to destabilize the democracy. Sophisticated “cyber bandits” attempted to hold hostage information for ransom or to use information as part of an influence operation campaign.

To paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz, information in the form of business or financial transactions, critical medical data or sensitive communications between national security systems has become a new center of gravity for many institutions…the stagecoach gold of the classic western. Institutions that rely on this information must have confidence and trust in their computer systems, business practices and information security.

Combine Cybersecurity and Information Assurance for Mission Assurance

Our team at Engility is helping the good guys stay ahead of the “cyber bandits” by offering desperately needed mission and information assurance.

Engility’s cybersecurity consulting service helps customers in the federal, civil, DoD and intelligence communities ensure the integrity and availability of information and critical systems. While serving these organizations, we identified certain aspects and traits that act as the baseline for replicable, reliable cyber defense and mission assurance. We brought those capabilities and tools together into the AssureNet service offering.

AssureNet Logo AssureNet brings together:

  • World-class subject matter experts in the fields of defensive cyberspace operations
  • Secure system engineering
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Risk management
  • Cyber test and evaluation
  • Industry-leading techniques and procedures

AssureNet in Action

Engility’s AssureNet delivers proven and trusted computer security consultancy for the Air Force and NASA in the field of scanning and penetration testing of computers and networks to assess information security vulnerabilities. For instance, Engility’s AssureNet services have successfully supported over 130 cyber vulnerability assessments for various Air Force customers, and when NASA tests the software used for manned spaceflight for vulnerabilities, they trust AssureNet to help search for and protect against impending adversaries.

AssureNet leverages cutting-edge capabilities to mitigate risk and ensure functionality in critical national security capabilities, e.g., military weapon systems, enterprise information technology, space-based capabilities, national transportation systems and state electoral systems. Flexibility in our process incorporates service-based tools, micro-segmentation, cloud-ready architectures and machine learning to test computing software. AssureNet keeps pace with technology evolution and means our customers have confidence in the validity, integrity and the availability of their key mission and business systems and critical information.

AssureNet means more time focused on your mission and less time fending off bandits.

To learn more about Engility’s AssureNet consultancy services, contact Engility’s Senior Director, Corporate Cyber Business, Floyd McKinney at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Posted by Floyd McKinney

Floyd is Engility's cybersecurity strategic business executive and directs a team of over 150 cyber, Information Technology, intelligence and biomedical experts responsible for delivering advanced solutions to various customers across the Federal, Department of Defense (DoD) and Civil communities. A 26-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Floyd authored Engility’s corporate response to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Request for Information on Cyberspace Indications and Warning Technologies that address the challenge of Air Force needs across all of its core mission functions.