The Space Race, Treasure Fleets and Technological Cooperation

The Space Race, Treasure Fleets and Technological Cooperation

In Engility’s inaugural podcast episode, guests Gary Oleson and Frank White talk about how space exploration has evolved from countries trying to one-up each other to a cooperative, global effort to conquer unchartered territory.

Gary boasts 30 years of space engineering experience and sits on the board of directors for the Alliance for Space Development. He presents a thought-provoking perspective on the space race by referencing some historical anecdotes from America’s early relationship with airplanes to Chinese treasure fleets of the 15th century. Once the treasure ships were banned, the Chinese influence on other countries was quickly replaced by European entrepreneurs, who operated under “a model that used government supported technology and political support to really enable and nurture a growing commercial empire.” That model proved sustainable and has direct correlations to the history of the Apollo program and maybe the trajectory of space investment in years to come.

GET S.E.T. Space Podcasts Frank White, author of The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, explains the “Overview Effect,” the cognitive shift space travelers gain upon viewing the Earth from orbit. He then discusses theories of how space exploration would be different today had JFK lived and served out a second term. Frank has interviewed many astronauts and has developed some insightful conclusions and perspectives. He even weighs in on some of the implications of colonizing our solar system.

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