NASA Advanced Computing Services (NACS) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The contract is expected to be awarded in April 2018; should I apply now if I’m interested in opportunities?
Answer – Yes. Recruiting and hiring managers are reviewing applicants as they come in.

I don’t know much about Engility. What is it like to work for Engility?
Answer – A key element of our vision statement is to be “trusted by our employees”. As a services-focused company we continually invest in the growth and satisfaction of our employees, our number one asset. We are an 8,000+ employee large business and offer salary, benefits, total compensation, and a work environment that is among the most competitive in the space business. Our success and ability to win work starts with our employees. Thus, we ensure we have the most capable and happy workforce through competitive total compensation and enjoyable work environment. We never cut corners in these areas. We strive to ensure a positive work-life balance and highly value our employees’ personal lives. We empower and challenge our employees in their day jobs as well as outside of work through dedication to the community including supporting STEM programs (like the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation) and by providing volunteer support to a wide range of community activities supporting veterans, homeless shelters and children in need. Our culture, compensation, and rewarding work drives strong employee satisfaction which is evidenced through an above average employee satisfaction score, long average years of service of employees, and very high employee referral rate. Our company values are “determination and grit, inspired imagination, humble service, and uncompromising integrity” and we consistently deliver these values through our workforce and to our customers. In summary, Engility is a great company to work for that takes care of its employees and creates an enjoyable work environment. We look forward to making you a part of our team and encourage you to visit our website for additional information:

Do I still need to apply to Engility through its website if I currently perform work on the existing contracts?
Answer – Yes. Please apply to each position for which you feel you meet the qualifications.

How do I apply to be considered for my current role?
Answer – Please see the “jobs” section of this website. There you will find a listing of all available positions.

How do I find out about benefits?
Answer – Please visit to review an overview of Engility’s benefit package. Specific details will be discussed during the interview process.

What if I have a vacation planned during NACS Phase-In or during NACS performance?
Answer– As part of our continual dedication to positive work-life balance, we will work with incumbent employees to ensure they are able to maintain previous vacation plans.

Are you interested in applicants who are not already working on the NAS and NCCS contracts?
Answer– Yes. We are looking forward to identifying the most highly qualified candidates for every position. We are also seeking talented professionals who could join the team to support surge activities or replace team members who decide to leave the contract.