U.S. Navy Fleet Synthetic Training


The U.S. Navy faces several constraints in providing integrated training to Carrier and Expeditionary Strike Group leadership preparing for deployment:

  • Cost — integrated at-sea training is exceedingly expensive.
  • Realism — replicating the scope, complexity and geography of real-world operations is difficult.
  • Controlling external variables — at-sea training is subject to uncontrollable factors such as weather and maintenance needs.

These factors constrain everything from the duration of training events to the number and type of opposing forces mustered for certain scenarios. Tactical Training Group, Pacific, which trains the Navy’s Pacific Fleet CSG/ESG staffs, faces the challenge “to provide advanced tactical training to warriors in order to improve their proficiency in warfighting and joint operations and also to meet the unified commander’s requirements,” all while reducing undue reliance on complex at-sea training.


Engility supports TTGP with Fleet Synthetic Training that offers a principal approach to integrated and advanced training for CSG/ESGs. Fleet Synthetic Training enables participants distributed around the globe to train together in a virtual environment unconstrained by the limitations of at-sea training. Commanders, staffs and crews aboard ships; aircrews in simulators; and joint and coalition partners at their training sites can all participate together in a real-time, common scenario.

  • Scenarios can take place anywhere in the world.
  • The number and type of opposing forces are unlimited.
  • Friendly forces can be augmented by notional forces played by scenario organizers.
  • Scenarios can be narrowly focused on a single contested geographic area or play out across multiple oceans.
  • Scenarios can use current real-world issues or use generic, color-coded countries.
  • Synthetic training events can range from simple to complex, from a few hours to several weeks, and from handfuls to hundreds of participants.

Fleet Synthetic Training requires technicians who are thoroughly familiar with the latest in doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures for both friendly and opposing sides of game play. Applying 30 years’ worth of experience in Naval training and war gaming, Engility provides those technicians and subject matter experts. Our personnel craft all aspects of the war game, including “enemy” reactions to the training audience’s performance and, during execution, we role-play all the notional forces, both friendly and opposing. The more complex events take more than a year to develop and prepare. We deliver classroom instruction and develop and execute war games that prepare Pacific-based Navy admirals, warfare commanders and staffs for deployments.


Fleet Synthetic Training provides CSG/ESG commanders and staffs with advanced integrated training that is not only a fraction of the cost of at-sea training, but also more realistic and complex. The lessons and skills learned enhance the tactical proficiency of America’s West Coast and Japan-based naval forces. Engility’s efforts have satisfied training objectives for various naval, joint and coalition units spanning the United States and the Pacific Rim, including the Third Fleet, Seventh Fleet, every West Coast and Japan-based Strike Group, and Japanese and Australian forces.