Engility’s TASC Studios: Creative Media Solutions


In this digital age, organizations need dynamic, focused messaging with smart media content to engage and inform their audience. High-quality, tailored digital content is no longer the exclusive domain of marketing firms and commercial corporations. As government agencies prioritize integration of technology and a focus on innovation to operate effectively, highlight mission impact and cultivate an agile and expert workforce, they must incorporate digital media into their operational and communications approaches.


For over 20 years, TASC Studios has served the intelligence community. Our digital content solutions run the gamut from video production to graphic design and print publication, user experience and website design to 3-D animation, instructional design to organizational branding. Our experienced staff brings an industry-leading, contemporary design aesthetic to our customers. Our facility features a soundstage, large-volume and specialty publication capabilities and production suites outfitted with the most current technologies, all in a TS/SCI accredited SCIF.


Our boutique, on-demand approach to customer requirements provides the most responsive, versatile, cost-effective and customized media solutions. TASC Studios is agile and responsive and can provide a broader range of specialized skillsets than might be available from on-site shops. From an integrated communications campaign to something as simple as a poster, each product approach is tailored to specific objectives, ensuring the best mediums are used for the mission, message and target audience.