Ukraine Police


In late 2014, Ukraine ushered in a new government, supplanting a corrupt regime. One of the first actions of the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs was to replace militia-based police units with a professional patrol force. At the time, national surveys showed that less than 10 percent of Ukrainians trusted the militia. Consequently it was abolished completely as an organization.


The Government of Ukraine needed help in establishing a transparent, patrol-based police force. They turned to the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP). Established by the U.S. Department of Justice in 1986, ICITAP helps foreign governments to develop robust, professional and effective law enforcement capabilities. The program is managed by ICITAP and supported by Engility and is currently assisting 31 countries as of 2017. The program has been on the ground in Ukraine since 1997, delivering training on everything from forensics to crowd control.

ICITAP helped the Deputy Minister establish the National Police of Ukraine, introducing patrol-based, community-oriented policing that vetted candidates for general skills, legal knowledge and physical and psychological health. Engility’s ICITAP training team continues to deliver a broad curriculum covering everything from weapons training, traffic stops, use-of-force, crowd control and more. First responder crime scene investigation is also part of our basic patrol training. Currently, ICITAP personnel are physically conducting training for elite law enforcement units such as the newly formed Anti-Corruption task force and Training of Trainers. They also participate in more advisory roles, providing policy guidance on proper organizational structure, creating training formats, developing recruiting strategies and implementing model police stations.


Since 2015, ICITAP has assisted in recruiting, selecting and training over 12,000 new patrol officers. Hundreds more are currently in training. Public trust in the National Police has risen from 10 percent to over 70! The program has also helped diversify the police force, which now has over 20 percent women. The establishment of the National Police of Ukraine, and the Patrol Police in particular, is viewed by many as one of the single most successful internationally led reform efforts in Ukraine.