Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC)


The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) needed advanced scientific support to achieve its vision to be the world leader in rapid and innovative research, development, and engineering for the warfighter.


Engility develops software and algorithms as part of an experimental computing environment for modeling and simulation (M&S). These algorithms allow computers with different architectures to communicate and share data so that different groups of computers can communicate and work together efficiently when performing M&S. Engility scientists support four areas of research: (1) lightweight combat systems survivability, (2) computational nano- and bio-sciences, (3) computational battlefield network and information sciences, and (4) high performance computing (HPC) enabling technologies and advanced algorithmic development. Engility program managers are also defining the academic research agenda for the next generation of Army research initiatives through the prioritization of initiatives and Government funds allocated to academic research. This research addresses the Army’s most difficult scientific and engineering challenges using HPC.


Engility’s support provides significant advantages in designing and characterizing complex systems involving many interacting factors. Our computer models and simulations reduce the time and expense of designing, optimizing, and characterizing complex systems and enable decision-makers to prioritize design tradeoffs and to make informed acquisition decisions. The computer models stand in for costly and dangerous real-world trial and error.