Asset Forfeiture Program


The Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies seek to protect citizens by identifying, prosecuting, and stopping crime. The incarceration of criminals is just one piece of the puzzle, with criminal organizations still able to function if their resources are intact. Dismantling those organizations requires law enforcement to seize assets like bank accounts, investments, property, and other resources. The Asset Forfeiture Program (AFP) captures criminal proceeds, undermining the ability of criminals and their organizations to operate. In order to execute their mission, the AFP turned to Engility’s Joint Venture, Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA) for professional, financial, and legal support.


FSA employs more than 1,800 professionals, ranging from financial analysts to litigation support personnel, who work in nearly 700 federal law enforcement agency sites and in 92 United States Attorneys’ offices, supporting 14 Federal law enforcement agencies/prosecutorial venues in 266 cities nationwide, including 49 States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Our Joint Venture team delivers analytical, legal, and other program and business support services at various DOJ offices that are responsible for the administration of Federal AFPs.


In fiscal year 2013, the AFP reported over $2 billion in total net deposited assets. In the ten years that our Joint Venture team has worked on AFP with the DOJ, it has constantly grown to meet DOJ’s expanding mission. We have consistently and quickly provided the highly-skilled, cleared personnel needed to help the DOJ dismantle criminal organizations.