Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) Integrator Services


The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) needed help to create a common infrastructure that facilitated CDOR’s ability to support diverse user groups and supported the implementation of the new Colorado Integrated Tax Architecture (CITA).


Engility developed an architectural plan for a hardware and software environment that would fully support an enhanced version of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tax application. Engility’s goal was to provide a highly reliable common architecture that had the ability to support CDOR’s diverse user group as well as minimize future maintenance and support costs. Engility’s work with CDOR included architecture design and reviews, development of migration strategies, utilization of standardized IT processes, help desk support, performance analysis, and service life cycle management (LCM) support.

Engility teamed with CDOR to define and refine its overall vision for the CDOR integration effort and, through these reviews, an architectural plan and environment was determined. Engility’s objective was to build a consolidated Active Directory for the CITA project and consolidate the many Microsoft Exchange instances existing CDOR-wide, with the ultimate goal to support all end-users and applications more efficiently. Engility also sought to provide CDOR users with a single sign-on, regardless of which application path they would use.

Engility delivered IT management services using best practices based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Engility recognized that the importance of controlling change in IT environments had grown significantly in the last few years and recommended the adoption of ITIL to better control and govern the infrastructure. As a result of the adoption of ITIL, CDOR achieved higher quality user experiences and services and increased availability as well as enhanced performance and throughput.


Engility helped CDOR implement a common infrastructure that fully supported diverse user groups, minimized maintenance and support costs, provided a flexible and scalable framework for future changes, and provided a secure environment for protecting sensitive financial information.

Engility has continually met the contractual budget agreements. In addition, Engility has produced a history of offering significant cost-saving ideas and effectively implementing them in support of CDOR’s current and evolving business and IT objectives. In addition, Engility provided CDOR with comprehensive and thorough system-wide knowledge transfer and training. Specific CDOR staffs were successfully trained in the support, installation, and operation of the projects—thereby providing CDOR with a sustainable in-house capability to deal with future evolutions of the infrastructure.