Department of Justice (DOJ) Infrastructure Program Management


More and more people are falling victim to identity theft through the Internet. One of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) duties is to protect the American public from this type of crime. However, with over 112,000 employees using the Internet daily to share information, DOJ itself needs protection. The same criminals who steal information from ordinary citizens are also trying to penetrate Government agencies. DOJ needed assistance in cyber security and a broad range of IT services to further improve its defenses and systems.


Since 2002, Engility has continuously provided enterprise, infrastructure, and systems architecture support. We have also delivered systems engineering services, IT security services, and program management office (PMO) support to the DOJ Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) through numerous task orders.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) PMO. Engility established and staffed the DOJ PKI PMO and continues to provide program management and technical support for DOJ PKI and other IT infrastructure projects. Engility defined many of the core requirements, established the governing processes and policies, led and/or assisted with procurement and source selection, and provided program management and technical oversight of integrator efforts and deliverables.

Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Help Desk Support. Engility helped establish a centralized DOJ C&A help desk environment and continues to provide support for DOJ and component personnel on C&A and systems security-related issues. Engility provided technical assistance and training, developed templates and instructions to facilitate C&A tasks, tracked status of C&A activities, and maintained centralized files of C&A documents.

Justice Unified Telecommunications Network (JUTNet) PMO. Engility provided program management and technical oversight support for all aspects of the procurement, design, and transition to a DOJ-wide, Internet Protocol (IP)-based telecommunications system for the JUTNet.

Infrastructure Architecture Planning and Support. Engility led the development of the DOJ Technical Reference Model and security architecture.


Engility initially developed a Department-wide PKI architecture and is now managing the implementation and deployment of this architecture across the Department. Engility is also providing the Department with C&A services validating that each of the Department’s IT systems is complying with appropriate security policies and procedures. Together, these services are helping DOJ ensure that its systems (and the information they contain) are safe—and in the right hands.