Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Scientific


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with protecting and advancing America’s public health. To do that, they rely heavily on scientific computing. With their science-centric mission, the FDA needs access to people who understand that scientific computing is science enabled by technology—not technology with science added afterward. FDA partnered with Engility because of our ability to provide computational scientists who understand both scientific and technological domains.


Engility enables collaboration among scientists and stakeholders, making results and knowledge transfer available to the scientific community. We select, implement, and support flexible, effective procedures and tools. Our computational scientists deliver solutions in bioinformatics, instrumentation, systems engineering, security, and management tailored to meet FDA’s unique scientific computing needs.


Engility is applying agile methods to reduce development time from multiple years to months. More than delivering simple efficiency, we are helping to achieve scientific breakthroughs by enabling decisions, populating reference publications, and informing drug and device approval. Provenance of the data is crucial; our methods provide a formal and detailed record of who created or changed the data and why, allowing for pedigree recognition.