IRIS Credit Card IV & V


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Credit Card Initiative (CCI) accepts and processes credit card payments for individual and business tax payments through three credit card processors (CCPs). Generally, all current and past due individual income taxes can be paid with a credit card. The IRS began accepting individual tax payments by credit card in January 1999. The individual payment types increased from four to 11 from tax year 2001 to 2009. In January 2006, the IRS began accepting Form 940 and Form 941, business tax payments, by credit and debit cards. The business tax payment types increased from nine in 2006 to 23 in tax year 2009. Additionally, the number of CCPs increased from one to three over the years. The IRS needed a partner with the proven ability to adapt to such rapid growth and the expertise to address future expansion. The essential challenge was to accommodate such growth without a corresponding increase in the CCI Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) budget.


For 10 years (from 2000 to 2010), Engility successfully provided IV&V support to the IRS CCI. Engility worked collaboratively with the IRS to develop the scalable, reliable, and repeatable foundation to the CCP IV&V program. In 2012, Engility returned to the program. Engility’s IV&V approach is based on robust, repeatable processes that have been proven to effectively reduce and mitigate risk on CCI and other projects, including the IRS Enforcement Revenue Information System IV&V contract and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Virtual Veterans Affairs (VVA) system. Our solution for the IRS CCI included documentation review and analysis; requirements development, management, and traceability; and test planning, execution, and reporting. With no additional resources, Engility leveraged established processes and procedures to produce economies of scale, adjusted its internal schedule, and employed a creative assignment of resources, which included using the Project Manager as a testing resource.


The CCI project is tightly scheduled and has no flexibility in its deadlines, as the payment processing facilities must be certified by the beginning of the tax season. Engility has met these aggressive deadlines by adjusting staff and project schedules and has certified the systems in time for the first tax payments to be received. Thanks to Engility’s IV&V solution, citizens, businesses, and an ever-expanding set of taxpayers can confidently use their credit cards to pay the IRS.