VA Veterans Relationship Management (VRM)


Delivering fast, accurate, and easily accessible healthcare information is one of the most significant challenges facing America today. The VRM initiative is designed to improve the accessibility of healthcare information for America’s Veterans.


Engility provides program architecture, program management, requirements analysis, IV&V, and life cycle engineering to create an IT system that allows Veteran’s to: i) access the VA through multiple methods; ii) find information about VA’s benefits and services through a uniform interface; and iii) complete multiple business processes within VA without having to re-enter identifying information.


"VRM will transform Veterans' interactions with VA by using innovative 21st century technologies," said VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki. "Veterans will have a better experience when they contact VA for assistance, and our employees will be able to quickly convey accurate, up-to-date information through call centers and the Internet."

Across 47 active projects, Engility is helping to acquire the applications that will implement VA’s vision to significantly transform Veterans’ interactions with the VA. Engility is managing everything from congressional reports to capital planning to make sure Veterans can more easily interact with the VA. With a customer set that includes 23 million living Veterans, the largest network of affiliated hospitals in the world, and 35 million Veteran dependents, Engility is helping the VA deliver safe, reliable, and timely healthcare to a potential user set that makes up nearly 19% of the U.S. resident population.