Financial and Business Solutions

Contract Number: GS-23F-0028X

End Date: 1/3/2016*
* Three 5-year options periods remaining

Awarding Agency: General Services Administration (GSA)

Authorized Users: All Federal Agencies

Contract Ceiling: Unlimited

The purpose of the Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) Schedule is to provide a full range of professional financial services as specified in individual task orders placed by ordering agencies. FABS provides Federal agencies with direct access to commercial experts that can thoroughly address the needs of the Federal financial community. FABS provides access to a multitude of professional financial services and also provides the customer the ability to customize the services to meet their specific needs. The FABS schedule allows for choice, flexibility, ease-of-use and access to quality firms in the financial arena. The Contractor will be responsible for delivering services for ordering agencies with multiple organizational levels and geographic locations nationwide and/or worldwide.

Functional Scope:
Engility has a complete understanding of the federal government’s accounting and budget processes and procedures. Our analysts have deep technical skills, advanced certifications, high-level clearances, extensive domain experience and continually remain abreast with all directives, policies, instructions and guidance. We use precise statistical, analytical modeling tools and practical methodologies to prioritize customer requirements, prepare cost estimates, assess alternatives and defend budgets at all levels of the review process. Our capabilities include financial management and analysis, budget analysis, accounting, cost estimating and analysis, business-process improvement and decision analysis support. TASC holds the following Special Item Numbers (SINs) under this schedule contract:

SIN 520-8 Complementary Audit Services
SIN 520-9 Recovery Audits
SIN 520-11 Accounting
SIN 520-12 Budgeting
SIN 520-13 Complementary Financial Management Services
SIN 520-15 Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services

Task Order Types: FFP and T&M