• Transform Information into Opportunity
Every day, the U.S. Intelligence Community analyzes enough data to fit into the Library of Congress. And the community touches enough data to fill another 3,000 Libraries. How do analysts sift through those thousands of haystacks of data to find the one needle of key information?

By using Engility’s MetaSift™

MetaSift transforms data into information, vetted information into knowledge and knowledge into mission confidence.

Built on an open architecture, MetaSift is a highly versatile data analytics integration platform. Deployed now in the IC and in the commercial cloud, MetaSift intelligently processes content and surfaces information not readily available or obvious to users, enabling rapid specialized capability integration.

Search and retrieval are intuitive and organic to MetaSift, and it also enforces security and manages metrics and statistics.

Custom Capabilities to Meet Your Mission

MetaSift has a wide variety of capabilities that are tailored to each customer’s specific mission and requirements. The platform can process information and surface information not readily apparent to analysts. It can store, organize and disseminate information automatically. Search and retrieval are intuitive and organic.

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