International Development

Sustainable Solutions for International Development

Building on more than 35 years of international development experience, Engility is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable solutions to the developing world’s most complex challenges. By anticipating the needs of our customers and developing solutions that blend creativity, pragmatism and partnership, we have successfully managed more than 850 contracts worldwide, including regional projects in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

All our international development projects incorporate best practices in the following areas in order to ensure sustainability and lasting impact:

  • Climate Resilience: We assist stakeholders in measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting and realizing climate-smart growth strategies, and adapting to impacts of climate change by reducing vulnerability and increasing adaptive capacity measures.
  • Learning and Capacity Building: Our customized learning solutions integrate adult participatory methodologies, innovation and technologies to enable professionals to meet the challenges of complex development environments.
  • Policy and Governance: We work to empower local civil society organizations to provide public services that governments are unable or unwilling to offer. Our programs promote good governance and foster active and independent civil society practices.