#EGLMiniFig Contest

Lynn Surfs to First: Virtual Reality Picture Wins Grand Prize

The votes are in, and our Virginia Beach team’s entry has won the competition.

The Finalists

Lynn in Virtual Reality Lab

Our award-wining team uses the building blocks of innovation to LEGO® of boundaries and deploy the latest trends in training.

Mark in Space

Mark reaches the edge of space: 100,000 feet, celebrating the 49th anniversary of the first manned moon landing.

Scott in Afghanistan

Scott poses with some AA guns at Bagram, where Engility law enforcement trainers deploy with American troops.

Classified Mark

Minifig Mark travels to **** to congratulate his **** team on the development of ****. The team proudly displays their award-winning **** solution for the **** program.

Lynn with Pricing

Our Pricing Team ensures "The Price is Right" by offering the best value to customers…so Lynn doesn't leave it to chance by playing Plinko.

Mark with Rocket

The San Bernardino team conducts IV&V for AF missions that use SpaceX vehicles. Sometimes Mark hops over on his F9 for a quick west coast trip. #Falcon #parkingthisthingishard

Best Story

Houston, we have a problem. Outside of the single-photo competition format, our Houston Team submitted an entire #EGLMiniFig adventure! The effort earned them the Grand Prize in the Best Story category. View the whole adventure by clicking on the picture to the right to exapnd.

The Contest

Because everything is a little more fun when there’s a prize at stake, we challenged Engility employees to get creative. All employees were given the opportunity to request a visit from one or more of the mini-figures and submit their entry with a caption. Our employees aren’t often known to brag…but they are creative, clever, and competitive. All they needed was a competition to speak up and tell us about the interesting work they do each day.

I didn't realize we did that — how cool!

Why is a multi-billion dollar company posting pictures of mini-figures?

Engility’s employees are a creative bunch, and we love our leadership team. We love them so much, we’d invite them to join us on all of our adventures if we could, but alas, the limits of space and time mean that our leaders can only be in one place at one time… until 2018.

It would have taken me months (or even years) to have gleaned so many examples through site visits and newsletters. This contest nicely packages it all into something fun and lighthearted.

This year, our communications team leveraged all the resources of the mall and online retailers to create a small army of mini-figure avatars that were then dispatched to volunteers around the world with one purpose: help demonstrate that Engility is a company of smart and passionate people who do important, fun work.

Legions of Scott Whatmoughs await the final touches before departing for destinations unknown.

Engility employees responded…and then some. The reviews are in, and by all standard measures, this contest has been a success:

  • Employees were given an opportunity to flex their creative muscles.
  • Teams who may not get a lot of ink were able to tell their story.
  • The communications team was sanctioned to play with mini-figures as part of our day job.

Thank you to all of our participants. Who says engineers can’t have fun?

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