Asymmetrical Threats/CBRNE/C-IED

Countering Catastrophic Threats

Engility has been helping the U.S. government deter, defend, and defeat weapons of mass destruction and asymmetrical threats for nearly five decades. Whether the threat is from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) or from improvised explosive devices (IED), we provide the in-depth knowledge and operational, scientific and engineering expertise needed to counter the full spectrum of asymmetrical threats.

We deliver precise analytics and relevant subject matter expertise that — when combined with our broad perspective and proven systematic approach — are critical to countering weapons of mass destruction (CWMD). Our comprehensive capabilities include systems engineering, technical analysis, modeling and simulation, and specialized expertise in areas such as nuclear weapons effects, hard and deeply buried targets defeat, or pathogen signatures.

Engility has supported the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and its predecessor organization for more than 40 years, helping develop advanced technologies and services that provide a layered defense against weapons of mass destruction.

By combining specialized technical expertise in CBRNE and C-IED with a holistic view of the geopolitical situation and challenges, we are able to develop insights, strategies, and solutions that address both current and future threats.