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    A Data-Driven Path to the Cloud

Why Cloud ASCEND™


Architecture Analysis

What’s the optimal architecture? Which providers should we use? How much should this cost? What services do we need?


Activity Migration

What apps should we migrate, and when? How hard will migration be and how can we make it easier? What SLAs do we need?


Optimizing Operations

How are we doing? Are we efficient? Are we economical? Are there better alternatives?


Combining state-of-the-art commercial cloud tools with our proprietary methodology and certified cloud experts to transform your enterprise
  • Cloud ASCEND™ is Engility’s mission-driven solution for enterprise cloud architecture, migration and optimization for the national security community.
  • More than migration – it’s engineered digital transformation and governance.
  • The tool designs scalable, secure and resilient cloud and hybrid enterprise architectures.
  • It also migrates and operates in the cloud with automated optimization to ensure mission performance and maximum return on investment.
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Cloud ASCEND™ Featured Toolset

IBM® Cloud Brokerage

SaaS application enables you to plan, buy and manage (broker) cloud services from multiple suppliers across hybrid clouds from a single screen

Burstorm Platform

Cloud technology platform that models, designs, benchmarks and optimizes cloud infrastructure in an easy to use drag-and-drop modeling application


SaaS application to help organizations manage security and compliance with CSA STAR (Security, Trust and Assurance Registry) requirements

Sequoia Combine

Infrastructure automation tool used to provision, develop, maintain and manage AWS resources bound for secure "air-gapped" operational AWS regions


For more information, please contact: cloudascend@engility.com

CLOUD ASCEND™ Leading the Way to Digital Transformation


Easy prioritization and migration of current applications to cloud environments across security domains from existing datacenters


One platform with direct access to industry-leading tools reduces migration time and delivers confidence in new architectures


Analyze service availability, performance metrics and cost to deliver the results your enterprise demands