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    Mission-Focused Cyber

Mission-Up, Not Tech-Down

Engility works with each customer to design cyber solutions that fit their specific missions. We help anticipate and respond rapidly to the changing threat environment, building in resiliency. Some of our work includes:

  • We conduct official cyber vulnerability assessments and risk audits for hundreds of U.S. Air Force command and control systems, to include battle management and situation awareness platforms.
  • Engility pioneered the Cyber Vulnerability Assessment and “Blue Team” Vulnerability Assessment Program methodologies widely used in DOD, NASA, and the Intelligence Community.
  • We provide comprehensive T&E of the cybersecurity and information assurance posture of systems developed for U.S. Air Force and NASA space missions.
  • We also deliver training needed for users to develop and maintain excellence in cyber hygiene. Data security begins with awareness and a strategy that deals with the challenges of human behaviors.

Secure Systems Engineering

With SSE, we identify and define the architectural requirements a system must have in order to be designed with cybersecurity in mind. We know that systems include considerations for security including resilience to attack, isolation and diversity. This is so the delivered system is resistant to a variety of attacks and is extensible to support emerging threats and system requirements in the future.

We also include data analytics engines (e.g., Synthetic Analyst™) to review the state of the system and identify when the system is operating incorrectly. For example, we’ve found a way to include cybersecurity requirements into the specifications to the Navy’s newest shipbuilding program. By including SSE as part of the overall requirements process, we are ensuring the Navy’s frigate will deliver not only the newest physical capabilities, it will also set the baseline for the latest cybersecurity capabilities.

Cyber Test and Evaluation

With Cyber T&E, we combine cybersecurity into the overall test and evaluation strategy. When we test a system, we make sure that all requirements, including cybersecurity, are correct in terms of mission readiness. With our support of NASA, we included cybersecurity and software assurance testing into the overall T&E plan. This helps ensure the systems built meet not only the mission requirements, but also provide cybersecurity resilience necessary to support the NASA mission now and in the future.

AssureNet™: Mission-Focused Cyber Capabilities

At Engility, we combine our vast cyber domain expertise with our experience in critical infrastructure protection, cloud computing, wireless and mobility solutions to ensure our customers’ applications, infrastructure and information meet regulatory and compliance requirements and are protected at all times.

Engility’s AssureNet combines tools, expertise and processes to rapidly design and implement solutions with reduced risk. AssureNet includes:

  • Secure Systems Engineering (SSE)
  • Test and evaluation (T&E); independent verification and validation
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Network security assessments
  • Monitoring and predictive analysis
  • Lifecycle security
  • Certification and accreditation