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Engility collaborates with scientists, technologists, engineers and decision makers across the federal government, industry and academia to apply complex science to real-world challenges. We transform ideas from the drawing board into mission success. Our computational scientists offer strategic insights and trusted advice to customers at every stage of the technology lifecycle. Our approach to mission-driven high performance computing delivers tailored solutions that allow our customers to address national priorities.

Engility’s computational scientists share takeaways from the world’s largest HPC conference and discuss HPC trends for 2018. To learn more, click here.

HPC ENnovation Center

Engility’s HPC ENnovation Center provides guidance, techniques, methods and strategic insights to developers, architects, engineers and scientists at every stage of the HPC technology lifecycle. We believe in mission-driven HPC—tailoring solutions that best serve the vital objectives of federal government clients addressing national priorities. As the HPC center of excellence for Engility, we channel HPC leading-edge insights from academia and industry, transforming ideas into scientific discoveries and mission success.

HPC + Engineering Applications = Mission Success

Engineering was once tinkerers drafting on paper, which evolved into CAD and an automated process. With the application of HPC, we are now entering an era where live world systems will have digital twins—a fully digital world. Engility is working side by side with government engineers to realize actual solutions born from theoretical concepts.

Performance Engineering = Code*IO*Memory*Data Structure

Performance engineering optimizes software performance on given hardware without changing the functionality. This often translates to shorter run times and less resources. Shorter run times result in a faster time-to-solution. Consuming less resources saves on costs and frees compute cycles, memory, disk space, etc., for other important mission-critical applications.

Data Analytics ∧ High Performance = Actionable Insight from Big Data

Data analytics practitioners, when faced with extreme size of data or extreme complexity of data, now look to HPC to reuse techniques long used in HPC that target parallelism and scalability to conquer problems of grand challenge scales. Engility is helping non-traditional HPC users access High Performance Data Analytics insights by enabling the creation of data analytics platforms and graphical user interfaces. Engility provides training to new users on HPDA awareness and application enabling them to break into this new field.

Engility's HPC Expertise =(People + Knowledge + Time)∧Right

In the specialized world of HPC, accessing experts or developing the next generation of HPC talent becomes a differentiating capability. Engility has the experience and capacity to deliver the HPC expertise when you need it, where you need it and at the level you need it. We also partner with leading universities to access the power of academia.

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