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Synthetic Analyst™ - Engility’s Artificial Intelligence with the Mission in Mind

Engility’s Synthetic Analyst is a new kind of AI that will cost-effectively increase government (or agency) productivity by orders of magnitude because it can be “trained” to execute tailored mission-specific tasks while scaling efficiently.

Synthetic Analyst is much more than just a software engine — it learns as it performs. At the forefront of AI, SA can be taught mission-specific skills and then, when tasked, will search for data in any number of information sources, select relevant results, then use those skills to interpret and use the data. And even better, the more it’s used, the faster and more effectively it works.



Can AI scale for all missions? It can.

It can take years to train a human analyst. SA can begin working right away to provide results in days or weeks.

Engility’s Synthetic Analyst augments human analysts, empowering them to process enormous amounts of data in far less time than it takes now. SA is specifically designed to help government analysts in the military, intelligence community or other areas with sensitive, “can’t fail” missions.


Can AI create data requests? It can.

Synthetic Analyst is a platform that learns by being taught distinct skills. Once it has those skills, in the form of modules, it solves problems just like its users do: by figuring out which data sources it needs to consult and which analytics to apply to get to its goal. But while every human analyst needs to be trained individually, once SA has integrated a module, it permanently knows that skill or can access that database and will do so whenever it’s necessary.



How quickly do you need solutions? Right now.

By eliminating the need to train analysts on dozens or hundreds of datasets and analytics, SA empowers users—analysts, operators, planners, or decision makers—by streamlining the process of working with enormous volumes of data and increasingly complex ways of analyzing it. SA can dramatically accelerate routine tasks, with an average reported speed improvement of 400x.