Munitions Open Architecture Test and Evaluation Laboratory

Keeping the Air Force Flying High

Engility is helping the Air Force Research Laboratry develop open architecture for munitions systems timing requirements

Approximately 2 years ago, an Engility Technical Fellows project leveraged weapon system design, development, and testing experience to help the company conduct the systems’ analyses to develop open architecture timing requirements for air-to-ground munition systems.

The tools developed include:

  • A Parameter Identification Methodology
  • Analytical Tools for System Architectural Trades (ATSAT) developed by the Open Architecture Team

The testing protocols and techniques developed were then leveraged to obtain a $4.5 million Broad Area Announcement with the customer to get on contract and provide this capability.

The techniques developed within this research will help develop the standards for all open architecture systems of the future. These testing protocols and techniques can be utilized for not only munitions, but other systems as well.