Mentor Protégé Program

Engility’s participation in customer mentor-protégé programs is intended to further enhance our long-term relationships with small businesses and help increase small business subcontract and prime contract awards. The Engility Mentor-Protégé Program is an important company initiative that is strongly supported across Engility.

Integrated into our Small Business/Socio-Economic Business Program is our Mentor-Protégé Program. Engility is an approved mentor in the following federal mentor-protégé programs:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Types of Mentor–Protégé Agreements

Credit Agreement (All Agency Programs): This is an agreement in which the mentor pays for the cost of developmental assistance for the protégé. The mentor, in return, is eligible to take credit for the cost of this assistance on the mentor-protégé report and on the government Summary Subcontracting Report (SSR/SF-295) in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Fee Reimbursable Agreement (DoD and NASA Pilot): An agreement that includes a separate contract, negotiated between the mentor and a government sponsor, to reimburse the mentor for certain developmental assistance costs incurred on the protégé’s behalf. This contract contains measurable milestones and deliverables; periodic program reviews with the sponsor are conducted to measure progress.